Vietnam - Russia are two countries with a long history, developing through many stages, but always retain a long-standing culture based on volunteering deeply attached between the two ethnic groups. Vietnamese - Russian. On that basis, there are many projects implemented to meet the expectation of promoting the potentials of the two states.
In recent years, the multilateral cooperation relationship between Vietnam and the Russian Federation has been increasingly strengthened and developed based on the spirit of mutually beneficial cooperation when the senior leaders of the two State Parties regularly carry out the implementation. main polls between the two sides. After each visit, many cooperation projects in the fields of economics, culture, tourism, technology and many different fields were signed. One of the key projects that the two Governments have is special fields in the health sector, in which all issues are related to Vietnamese - Russian Ophthalmology.















April 2019: Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital participated in the "Second HCMC Community Health Day" event. Through the event, Vietnamese-Russian Eyes screened more than 4000 elderly people and children attending the event

August 2019: Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital Ho Chi Minh City officially launched the program "Raising children's eyes" to check children's eyesight, ensuring children's eye health. Accordingly, Eyes Vietnam - Russia coordinate with kindergartens to screen children.

September 2019: Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital Ho Chi Minh City officially launched the program "Rediscover Bright Eyes" in collaboration with Alcon Company, Cataract Surgery - Cataract free for more than 50 patients. have disadvantaged. In September 2019, the Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital Ho Chi Minh City also launched the program "Journey to Clear Eyes with Vietnamese - Russian Eyes" for students. With this program, the students w
In May 2007: During the visit to Vietnam of Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development - V.I.Strarodubov, the two Vietnamese and Russian states signed an interdisciplinary cooperation program in the healthcare protection and medicine for the period of 2007-2009. The establishment and operation of Vietnam - Russia International Eyes Hospital is the first task in the cooperation program between Vietnam and Russia in the period 2007-2009 approved by the Ministry of Health.
On May 25th, 2007, the signing ceremony of Vietnam-Russia ophthalmic cooperation program of Fyodorov ophthalmic multidisciplinary complex by Mr. Takchidi Khristo - CEO and Mr. Duong Chi Kien, now Chairman of the Board - CEO of Joint Stock Company Vietnam-Russia International Eyes Institute was officially taken place.
On February 18, 2008, in Hanoi, State President Nguyen Minh Triet had a cordial conversation with Mr. Takhchidi Khristo, General Director of Fyodorov “Micro-eye” Complex. April 2008: The Ministry of Health of Russia sent a Vietnam Mission to draft a draft medical cooperation between the two countries, appointing the MNTK Fyodorov eye cooperation group to participate in the project. On 23 July 2008, Ms. Ngo Thi Thanh Hang - Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee visited the Russian Federation and worked with senior leaders of the Multi-disciplinary Organization to look at Fyodorov on the cooperation program between the two cities. October 27, 2008: State President Nguyen Minh Triet sang Nga to review the program of cooperation with Russia. During his official visit to the Russian Federation, at the Kremlin, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Nguyen Minh Triet, met with Mr. Khristo Tachtriđi - General Director of the "Vi Mat" specialized complex called academic Fyodorov "
In February 2009: The Minister of Health awarded the certificate of establishing Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital.
On February 17th, 2009 at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Hanoi, a press conference was held by Vietnam - Russia International Eye Institute Joint Stock Company and a multidisciplinary scientific and technical complex "Eye surgery." ”Fyodorov - Russian Federation (MNTK Fyodorov) co-organized with the large participation of representatives of the news agencies nationwide.
In May 2009, Vietnam - Russia International Eye Institute Joint Stock Company officially signed the official cooperation agreement to establish Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital.
On May 4th, 2009: Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital was officially opened.
Mr. Duong Chi Kien - General Director of Vietnam-Russia International Eyes Hospital said that in 2009, the hospital regularly organized charitable eye exams on special days such as June 1st, Mid-Autumn and July 27th, September 2nd, December 22nd... for children, students, members of Red Cross Association, Veterans Association, Elderly Association, SOS Children's Villages ... For the past 1 year, Vietnam-Russia International Eye Hospital has received thousands of patients from all provinces and cities nationwide to examine eye diseases, hundreds of particularly complicated surgeries. The surgeries for Vietnamese patients and a number of other foreign patients living and working in Hanoi have been successfully implemented by leading experts of the Fyodorov - The Russian Federation "Eye Surgery" (MNTK Fyodorov).
In the framework of the Vietnam-Russia ophthalmic cooperation program, the Russian Federation UFA Ophthalmological Research Institute will visit and transfer the new technology – Crosslinking, to treat corneal diseases. Russian Professor Bikbov Mukharat - Director of Ufa Ophthalmology Research Institute of Russia has officially visited and transferred directly the new technology Crosslinking to Vietnam-Russia International Eyes Hospital.
July 7 2012: Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital implemented the program "Lasik 007". This is an annual program sponsored by Lasik eye examination and surgery with extremely modern technology equipment on a large scale of the hospital for patients with refractive errors: Myopia , farsightedness, astigmatism and refractive error.
Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital continues to operate and develop, improve professional qualifications and machines.
Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital has increasingly affirmed its position with a team of experienced experts from Europe, upgraded facilities, modern machines. Additionally, we were also proud to be the largest private eye hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam - Russian International Eyes Hospital maintains its operations and development according to the set orientation, towards the goal of expanding the facility to meet the needs of treating eye diseases nationwide.
After 8 years of operation, the hospital has 2 facilities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City including the headquarter at C2 Thang Long International Village - Cau Giay - Hanoi (opposite 143 Tran Dang Ninh) with an area of over 1000m2 composed all departments. The second branch is located at No. 1, 3/2 Street, Ward 11, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City with an area of over 3500m2 has also been put into operation since November 2016. Both branches are invested the most modern and synchronous equipment system according to European standards.
At the Presidential Palace, Vietnam - Russian International Eye Hospital had an annual meeting and report to the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Tran Dai Quang. At the meeting, representatives of Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital reported to the President about the achievements the hospital has made in the past as well as the achievements in receiving and performing medical examination and treatment for about 1 million patients across the country since its establishment, many of whom suffer from serious illnesses that seem to have no chance of cure, have been rejected by other medical facilities. The success of this project has contributed to the implementation of the Government's national target on prevention, control and reduction of blindness rate in our country.
2018 is the transformation year of Vietnam-Russia International Eye Hospital. The hospital participates in many social activities, free medical examination and treatment, updates on the latest technologies and machines for treatment. In addition, the Hospital has received trust from leaders and artists in the country for examination and treatment.


Vietnam - Russian International Eye Hospital is the first place in Vietnam to receive modern technologies and is the only place where the world's leading international experts directly examine and operate.


Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital is the first place in Vietnam to receive the most modern equipment and technology in the world.

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