Through the evaluation and assessment, the SYT has published scores and lists of 110 hospitals, including 32 city hospitals, 23 district hospitals, 53 private hospitals and 02 sector hospitals.

Based on the quality assessment criteria of improvement activities, professional activities, resources, patient-oriented and specific criteria of each specialty, SYT has since obtained a scoreboard for 6 diseases. Non-state eye specialist institute in HCMC. In that leading score of International Eye Hospital Vietnam-Russia HCMC, followed by Saigon Eye Hospital, Eye Hospital Tech Phuong Nam, Vietnam Eye Hospital - South, Hoan My Eye Hospital and finally, Cao Thang Eye Hospital.

Eyes Vietnam - Russia has a total area room biggest surgery at present

Besides the modern operating room system, the hospital is also equipped with a system of accommodation rooms meeting international hotel standards.

The ranking results of the best non-state eye specialist hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital was established in the Vietnam Ophthalmology Cooperation Program Russian Federation signed by the Ministry of Health of the two countries on April 12, 2007. Accordingly, the Russian Federation appoints a branch Fyodorov MNTK Ophthalmology is the place implementing the cooperation program, transferring technology and sending a team of doctors to the Vietnamese side, in which the Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital is the host.
After 12 years of operation and implementation of medical examination and treatment in Vietnam, up to now, the Viet Nga International Eye Hospital system has had 3 major medical examination and treatment establishments in Hanoi, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Long are equipped with advanced machinery & technology systems, including exclusive technology for treating myopia of international standards.

Proprietary Amblyopia treatment technology.

Last year, the Vietnam-Russia International Eye Hospital Ho Chi Minh City organized many practical activities towards public health. A series of regular programs such as charity eye surgery for Vietnamese Heroic Mothers & poor patients, free eye exams for the elderly and children. Implement programs to help expand awareness of protecting the health of people, students and students at all levels in the city. Ho Chi Minh City or at the Community Health Festival event taking place at the Youth Cultural House (April 2019).

Not only focusing on quality and scale, but Vietnam - Russia International Eye Hospital Ho Chi Minh City also develops customer services, providing patients with friendly medical services with a successful accommodation system. international hotel standards, and at the same time support patients and family members who live far away for short - long term treatment.

The program "Rediscovering Bright Eyes", free-of-charge Cat surgery - Cataract surgery for poor patients & Vietnam Heroic Mother is implemented monthly by the hospital.

Vietnamese - Russian Eyes regularly conducts free eye exams at preschools, universities and academies to check eyesight for students.



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