For years, LASIK surgery has been considered the gold standard in corrective eye surgery. Due to advances in technology and techniques, however, an even more state-of-the-art treatment option is now available: Femto-LASIK. A revolutionary new procedure, Femto-LASIK is bladeless, making it the safest and most effective treatment for people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. At the Beverly Hills Medical Center Kuwait, Femto-LASIK surgery is a specialty for our expert surgeons and staff.

LASIK and Femto-LASIK: What’s the Difference?

In both LASIK surgery and Femto-LASIK surgery, a flap must be made on the cornea of the patient. In traditional LASIK surgery, this flap is created using a mechanical steel blade. In Femto-LASIK, however, this flap is created using an ultra-precise laser specifically customized to the individual patient. Above all, the main difference between the two procedures is safety. In Femto-LASIK, the laser tracks and follows movements of the eye as well as the shape of the cornea, allowing for an operation personally tailored to each individual patient.

In addition to being significantly thinner, the cornea flaps created during Femto-LASIK surgery are more even than those created with a steel blade. Regardless of the thickness of the cornea, Femto-LASIK allows more people to get rid of their eyeglasses and their contacts.

What to Expect During Femto-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Aside from the method used to create the cornea flaps (and the obvious differences in safety), LASIK and Femto-LASIK procedures are nearly the same. Both procedures are outpatient procedures, meaning that patients do not require an overnight stay in a hospital before being allowed to return home.

The surgery itself is incredibly quick. On average, Femto-LASIK surgery is performed in about twenty minutes. However, because of prep time, pre-operation procedures, post-operation care, and more, patients should expect to be at the Beverly Hills Medical Center Kuwait for a minimum of one or two hours.

Our doctors strongly recommend that Femto-LASIK patients bring an accompanying adult with them to the procedure. After the Femto-LASIK has been performed, a patient might experience sensitivity to light and irritation of the eye, which will make driving impossible. For the first few days after the procedure, patients will need to wear sunglasses while outdoors and a shield over their eyes while sleeping at night.

Some people report experiencing an excess amount of tears after surgery, though this is a normal after-effect of the procedure and one that will resolve itself after a few weeks. Other after-effects of Femto-LASIK surgery are dry eyes, blurry eyes, and a mild irritation of the eyes, all of which will disappear on their own.



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