ReLEx SMILE® surgery is a breakthrough in refractive surgery technology: flapless LASIK. In SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) surgery, the whole surgery is performed by the super-fast Femtosecond Laser with very high accuracy: creating two interfaces, separating the tissue corresponding to the parallax to remove and withdraw through a small incision. Especially the only FemtoSecond Laser system in the world capable of ReLEx and SMILE® is performed exclusively on VISUMAX.
For more than 10 years, individualized Femto LASIK has been the scientifically accepted method for the correction of ametropia. Previously in a LASIK a side-cut of roughly 20mm had to be created, which severs the nerves and is known to cause dry eye. The ReLEx smile keyhole technology goes one step further: laser eye surgery has become even safer, more gentle and faster. A 3D disk (lenticle) is prepared inside the cornea and removed through a tiny 2 mm “keyhole” opening prepared by laser. The volume and shape of the lenticula corresponds to the amount of tissue required to correct your vision disorder. Also the stability of the cornea is maintained and the production of the tear film is hardly disturbed. This makes ReLEx smile suitable for patients with dry eyes or contact lens intolerance. The icing on the cake: only 32 seconds per eye are required for the entire procedure.

Treatment steps – Fast and gentle

ReLEx SMILE utilizes the high-precision VisuMax femtosecond laser to create a lenticule inside the cornea and access incision in a single treatment step. Its outstanding cutting precision, exceptional speed and gentle treatment approach make it an ideal platform for advanced corneal surgery applications such as SMILE.
Step 1: A refractive lenticule and small incision are created inside the intact cornea – all in one step.
Step 2: The lenticule is subsequently removed through this small incision, leaving the remainder of the superficial cornea intact.
Step 3: Removing the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea, thereby achieving the desired refractive correction.

Explore the advantage of ReLEx SMILE

Minimally invasive surgery.
With SMILE, a lenticule and a small incision of 60 or 90 degrees is created inside the thus transecting fewer corneal nerves. The corneal nerve plexus is responsible for corneal sensation and maintenance of a healthy tear film. Also, the small incision associated with SMILE results is less disruption to the anterior corneal stroma compared to LASIK. The anterior stroma is thought to be responsible for playing an important roll in the biomechanical integrity of the cornea.
Single step.
With SMILE, the entire correction is performed as a single-step: one laser, one treatment plan and one laser process.
Performed on a VisuMax femtosecond laser, high precision, proven outcomes, predictability and ease of use are what SMILE stands for.
Great integrity of the upper corneal layers
With SMILE, the majority of the upper corneal layers remains intact. The anterior stroma of the upper corneal layers is thought to be responsible for playing an important roll in the biomechanical integrity of the cornea.
Easy postoperative management
The excellent predictability of the refractive outcome leads to a low percentage of retreatments. Furthermore ReLEx SMILE reduces the incidence of infection and epithelial ingrowth, cumulating in overall fast healing.




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